Enterprise Mobility in Energy Sector Market Size:By Supplier, Demand Analysis, Type, Statistics, Regions and Industry Key Manufacture 2022-2031

Market Overview

The enterprise mobility in energy sector market is expected to witness a CAGR of 18.5% over the forecast period. Due to enterprise mobility, the energy sector is able to keep track of daily processing. It has given companies a new manner to work upon.  This helps in computing data of corporate via mobiles while working as a team.

– Advancements in energy revolution is the major driving factor for enterprise mobility growth. For instance, there are many plants generating renewable energy, thus resulting in decentralized energy production. Digital infrastructure is needed where information is transmitted in real time. Mobile devices provide an efficient information exchange and data flow.
– Appropriate authentication needs to be in place within all mobile channels, with access to the corporate network controlled at the correct levels. This will also involve the management of separate user identities in certain cases. Enterprise applications must then be secured to prevent data leakage when being used on personal devices. Thus, security vulnerability is the factor discouraging the market growth.

Scope of the Report

The energy sector is an industry where the mobile workforces and the globally dispersed stakeholders are the norm. Thus enterprise mobility ranks as a top- technology priority for energy companies. Ongoing developments in mobile technologies, coupled with advances in cloud services, analytics, and mobile application security, are extending its value to ever-more applications and users.

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Key Market Trends

Smartphones to Dominate the Market

– The Mobile for Development Utilities Programme lead by GSMA tested the used of mobile money in new business models related to water and clean cooking gas in 2017. They also trialled smart metering in on-grid energy in the same year. This was possible only due to migration to smartphones.
– In 2018, mobile operators like Orange and AWCC trialled PAYG solar models. Trialling the use of mobile payments for energy and water in new geographies (Nigeria, Indonesia and Mali) indicates the increased adoption of smartphones in these regions.
– Smartphones enable ways of mobile payments like mobile money, SMS payments and mobile credit, along with remote and secure payment collection.
– Smartphones also enable smart metering and monitoring of utility systems via GSM networks

Asia-Pacific to Witness the Highest Growth

– Increased adoption of smartphones in APAC region is making it easier for the energy sector to deploy mobility solutions for the employees.
– Energy and utility companies in Asia-Pacific are embracing BYOD when it comes to increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.
– More than half the world’s mobile subscribers live in Asia-Pacific – mostly in China and India. The growth in high-speed network coverage and smartphone adoption is leading to a surge in the use of mobile data in Asia-Pacific.
– APAC is also rapidly migrating to higher speed mobile networks, with mobile broadband (4G and above) becoming the dominant technology. 5G is expected to gain a strong foothold by the end of 2019, hence supporting the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions.

Competitive Landscape

The industry is fragmented with most of the players providing enterprise mobility solutions across all sectors, including the energy sector. Vendors are releasing the latest versions of mobility software to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Enterprise Mobility in Energy Sector Market Size:By Supplier, Demand Analysis, Type, Statistics, Regions and Industry Key Manufacture 2022-2031
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