English Language Training (ELT) Market 2021: By Types, Applications, Top Key Players & Regional Forecast 2028

ELT Market

ELT Market

The online training segment in the ELT market stood at USD 8,238 million in 2019. The segment will likely reach USD 25,463 million 2026.

The Advancement of Technology and Science Education Promises Further Boost”

— English Language Training (ELT) Market

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The online training segment in the ELT market stood at USD 8,238 million in 2019. The segment will likely reach USD 25,463 million 2026. Apart from growing internationalization, rising access to technology, lower cost of online learning models, and convenience on-offer also provides key impetus for growth in the global English language training market.

The growth of the English language training in continents like Europe is highly diverse. According to the British Council’s forecast, the number of people wanting to study English across 7 European countries will reach 157.2 million between 2015-2025. Moreover, the dynamics of population are likely to change significantly. The report suggests that demand for short, sharp English courses in many countries including Spain, and Portugal is set to rise. The driving force behind the development is the parental concern for providing an extra impetus to their child to further learning from school. Moreover, among adults, the proficiency is often to improve the employment prospects. The British Council’s findings also suggest that key concern for many non-native speakers including young, and adults alike is time. Online education can be convenient to professionals and will make way for robust growth in the European English language training market.

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Rising Global Competition to Drive Growth of the English Language Training Market
Hence, the demand for English language training will likely be propelled in near future, as China passed in USA in 2019 with most number of companies in the Fortune 500 index. According to leading ELT experts in China, over one-third of Chinese clientele have become global multinationals providing a major impetus for growth. Moreover, as more Chinese students pursue traditional ethos of knowledge abroad, over 1 million Chinese turn up on the shores of United States each year for higher education. Similarly, thanks to substantial rise in incomes, Chinese travellers undertake over 150 million foreign tours each year. Chinese investment in local education also remains at an all-time high. The country rose 7 places in English Proficiency to the 40th rank in 2019, among 100 countries in 2019.

The next five years or the period between 2020-2025 may be most significant as China takes a strong force in global economics. The Chinse government has recently launched an initiative named, ‘The Belt and Road’ project. This project of gigantic proportions promises to connect over 70 countries. In order to complete this ambitious project, and to build smooth communication with various stakeholders, it is essential for China to invest in the future of the English language. Moreover, China is known for its commitment to the progress of the English language, with various government initiative enticing native English educators to its shores, with lucrative compensation.

The Advancement of Technology and Science Education Promises Further Boost
English remained at the centre attraction of power in the 20th century as former global superpower, Great Britain, and Current dominance of the US helped familiarize the language around the world. Their dominance in the world also ensured advancement of technology, and scientific innovation always coupled with the advancement of the English language. Today, the technological advancement like digitalization, rising global trade convergence, and traditional advantage for English language makes it essential for educational and professional growth in emerging nations. This has resulted in major expansion of the English language in schools, wherein students in primary care in India learn English language while sidestepping the regional language much to the delight of their parents. Moreover, this trend is similar across the board as countries like Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Japan are taking similar footsteps to ensure they remain at the helm of scientific innovation to dominate global trade in the near future.

China Promises Resounding Growth for the Global English Language Training (ELT) Market
English remains the cornerstone in the eyes of millions in emerging nations. Moreover, the growing demand for language skills in education, professional fields, universal appeal for acceptance, and rising internationalization promises robust growth for the global English Language Training Market in the near future. The demand for English language training programs will likely be led by China. China remains an aggressive player in the global landscape, as corporate employees are pushed to gain international clientele, and students are pushed to collaborate globally to increase research output. Moreover, other countries including India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan also remain a prominent market for ELT programs. It is estimated that there are twice as many non-native speakers of English today, as compared to the population of native English speakers.

Global English Language Training (ELT) Market: Top Key Players
Rosetta Stone
EF Education First
Sanako Corporation
Wall Street English
McGraw-Hill Education
New Oriental
Meten English
Pearson ELT
New Channel International
Berlitz Languages
Global Education (GEDU)
Inlingua International
Transparent Language
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Global English Language Training (ELT) Market: By Types
Digital Learning
Through Books
In Person Courses

Global English Language Training (ELT) Market: By Applications
For Educational & Tests
For Businesses
For Kids and Teens
For Adults

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