Elamachain Enters Beauty Sector, Signs Software Supply Agreement with Ticker Corp (China), an Innovative AR Firm

SINGAPORE, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On December 9th, 2020, Elamachain entered into a formal software supply agreement with Ticker Corp (China), in what could be seen as a joint drive to transform the beauty sector. As per the partnership’s contract, Elamachain will now provide a customized version of its private blockchain technology, as a white-label product (software) to be leveraged by Ticker Corp, China, in its Augmented Reality (AR) applications, such as Ticker.

By agreeing to purchase Elamachain’s software at a presently-undisclosed price, Ticker Corp (China) shall henceforth include the ELA Coin (ELAMA) as a payment method on its platform. On the other hand, Elamachain shall be responsible for providing maintenance support to Ticker Corp and its users, while also being liable to compensate any losses suffered due to the software’s performance, quality, and security.

Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Blockchain technology, the partnership will broaden Ticker Corp’s scope for offering innovative and intuitive solutions for the beauty industry. Lastly, this will enhance Ticker Corp’s value proposition, adding substantially to its reputation for providing a beauty camera, cosmetic marketplace, and social media in a unified application.

About Ticker Corp
Ticker Corp, China, is a product development and service provider firm innovating in AR-based cosmetic solutions. Backed by a diverse team of professionals from across specializations, the company strives to make beauty offerings more open-source and customer-oriented.

Ticker Corp is dedicated to bring innovations into everyday lives, and in the process, contributes substantially towards achieving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In all, the company is a group of young talents, treading strong towards building the next generation of tech-based beauty applications.

About Elamachain
Founded in 2017, Elamachain is a Singapore-based emotional AI platform that is leveraging technology to “create a better world”. Since its inception as a corporation in 2018, Elamachain has partnered with US-based Xanadu Big Data, MIT, and other stalwarts in the industry.

Built on the Hyperledger Fabric, Elamachain collaborates with open-source projects, while tapping into human emotions through a combination of AI and Blockchain technology. In doing so, the company effectively connects on-chain and off-chain situations, thereby laying a strong foundation of mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies.

Elamachain Foundation,. Ltd.
Elamachain Foundation,. Ltd.
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