eCare21, Inc. presents new fully compliant FHIR-USCDI solution for healthcare

Integration to extend capabilities to healthcare organizations and vendors to leverage ONC-FHIR standard.

This capability aligns directly with the market and our mission of enabling virtual care: anytime…anywhere”

— Vadim Cherdak, CEO and Founder of eCare21, Inc.

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — eCare21 Presents New Fully Compliant FHIR-USCDI Solution for Healthcare

eCare21, the industry leader in virtual care, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end patient care solution across the healthcare ecosystem to better manage chronic conditions remotely, improve care decisions, and reduce hospitalizations, is pleased to announce a FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and USCDI (United Stated Core Data for Interoperability) implementation, addressing the ONC (Office of National Coordinator) patient accessibility requirements. Health organizations and patients will benefit from the integration capabilities that extend to external 3rd parties looking to improve access, interoperability and healthcare information transparency.

This functionality provides eCare21 immediate interoperability with the largest EHR vendors such as EPIC and Cerner, completing full verification through their testing frameworks. The implementation was done through a partnership with CYBX ( – a FHIR and Healthcare Data Management solution provider.

By working on a FHIR compliant platform, eCare21 provides an open, cloud-based virtual care solution that improves communications between organizations, patients, and caregivers. The ability of eCare21 to quickly integrate data from remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, medication adherence, telehealth, and billing into EHRs and other systems, offers all healthcare participants a single comprehensive patient-centric view.

“The move toward FHIR and USCDI compliance was inevitable. By working with partners such as CYBX, we are able to offer a more comprehensive patient care solution that significantly increases data accessibility and transparency. This capability aligns directly with the market and our mission of enabling virtual care: anytime…anywhere”, said Vadim Cherdak, PhD, CEO and Founder of eCare21, Inc.

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