Driver Courtesy Month 2021 Releases the Quiz, “Are you a Courtesy Driver?”

NMA's Driver Courtesy Month and Are You a Courteous Driver? Quiz

NMA’s Driver Courtesy Month and Are You a Courteous Driver? Quiz Logo

Driver Courtesy Month 2021–Have you taken the Are You a Courteous Driver Quiz yet?

WAUNAKEE, WISCONSIN, USA, September 15, 2021 / — TO: News Directors, Assignment Editors, and Radio/TV Talk Show Producers

Still time to do a story on the Driving Golden Rule—Drive like you want others to drive!

With Americans getting back on the roads and reports of reckless driving on the rise, courtesy is more important than ever. And one organization trying to help is the National Motorists Association. The NMA has designated the month of September as Driver Courtesy Month. The educational effort highlights the different ways motorists can be courteous to other drivers and road users. Courteous driving also means safe driving!

To encourage motorists to learn more about driver courtesy, the NMA has devised an online quiz called Are You a Courteous Driver? Quiz takers are eligible to win prizes for their participation.

Driver Courtesy entails many aspects of driving that are sometimes the law and always unwritten rules of the road. Here are just some examples of driver courtesy: Lane Courtesy (Drive Right, Pass Left), use the turn signal, pay attention at stoplights, do the zipper merge before work zones, pull over and move over for emergency vehicles, and many more.

Check out the Press Kit for more ideas on driver courtesy and story suggestions for Driver Courtesy Month. Graphics are available to download.

The National Motorists Association is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to protecting the civil rights of motorists. In addition to its advocacy work on behalf of the nearly 250 million licenses drivers in the United States and Canada, the NMA provides research and educational materials to improve traffic safety and related policies by informing the public. Driver Courtesy Month and the quiz Are You a Courteous Driver? are just two of those current educational efforts.

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