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VisionAppster is a new marketplace for the tools and services. Create and sell vision applications, and now it is more efficient than ever before.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 21, 2021 / — Whether you’re developing a computer vision application, doing image analysis for your web service, AI product or more, VisionAppster is the only platform developers and companies need to make it happen.

With features like predefined application templates, access to AI models with ONNX, easy integration with the HTTP API, and fast and free code readers, VisionAppster has the tools to make designing, building and running vision apps simple, every step of the way.

• 10+ App-Ready Templetes
• 80+ Time-Saving Tools
• Open APIs

How Vision Applications Can Change Your Business?

Computer vision is a type of Artificial Intelligence that uses Deep Learning to allow computers to “see” and analyze their surroundings. Computer Vision has a massive impact on companies from all industries; it is especially useful for problems normally requiring a human’s eye to view a situation and assess impacts.

VisionAppster provides the framework to build vision applications, the marketplace to monetize developers’ hard work and the launchpad for your vision applications to become part of a range of human activities.

The VisionAppster Market Place

The VisionAppster marketplace is one-stop shop for all things Vision Application related.
A developer can design a vision application and VisionAppster helps with the rest. You can shop VisionAppster’s Marketplace for the components needed to bring your vision application to life, and then build application using the VisionAppster Builder and run on your desktop or deploy in our cloud on the VisionAppster platform and make your vision application a reality! Then, when you are ready – sell your application in the VisionAppster Store, the largest Vision Application Marketplace in the world!

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