Delft Imaging Becomes a Vanguard Member of the Million Lives Club

Innovation platform recognises AI software for achieving global impact

NETHERLANDS, December 17, 2020 / — Delft Imaging has been awarded a membership into the distinguished Million Lives Club in recognition of their efforts to end tuberculosis. The Million Lives Club, supported by many of the world’s leading development organisations, has recognised the company’s effort in the implementation of their innovative artificial intelligence software, CAD4TB, which has been scaled globally to screen millions of people for tuberculosis.

AI-supported tuberculosis detection

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that generally affects the lungs. In 2019, an estimated 10 million people around the world fell ill with TB, costing the lives of more than 1.4 million. To combat TB, it is critical that cases are quickly detected so that the necessary treatment can follow. This requires effective and inexpensive ways to detect the disease at an early stage.

To enable the rapid detection of TB, Delft Imaging introduced the Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis (CAD4TB) software, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect TB by analyzing digital X-ray images. CAD4TB reflects abnormalities that are indicative of TB so that a potential confirmative diagnosis and treatment can follow when necessary.

The company was a pioneer in introducing the concept of AI for TB detection and started pilot projects back in 2007. Since then, the CAD4TB software has been scaled sustainably and used to screen over six million people across more than forty countries.

In Pakistan, for example, CAD4TB software is used in seventy-six locations across the country and has helped to screen more than three million people for TB. In Ghana, Delft Imaging has installed its CAD4TB software together with X-ray systems in fifty-two hospitals and clinics across the country to further enhance the national infrastructure for TB detection.

Becoming part of the Million Lives Club

Supported by leading international donors of the International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA), the Million Lives Club (MLC) is an initiative that recognizes innovators and social entrepreneurs that are making a significant impact in addressing global development challenges. Following the achievements of Delft Imaging and its CAD4TB software, the company has been invited as a Vanguard Member; a membership that reflects those who have directly impacted over 1 million people living on less than $5 a day with their innovations. On the recognition of the MLC, Delft Imaging CEO Guido Geerts comments: ‘’We started with the development of CAD4TB more than a decade ago. To be selected as a Vanguard Member of the Million Lives Club is a recognition to us and all our partners globally that support us in the fight against TB. It shows that innovations such as CAD4TB are essential to tackle global challenges and have the opportunity to reach millions of people.”

About Delft Imaging
Delft Imaging has more than seventy years of experience with providing innovative diagnostic imaging solutions for tuberculosis screening programs. Active in more than forty countries around the world, the company offers a portfolio of solutions such as digital X-ray systems, a variety of types of mobile clinics and artificial intelligence software, which it develops in collaboration with its sister-company Thirona. Through the innovative solutions, Delft Imaging is committed to help end TB as well as achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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About Million Lives Club
The Million Lives Club celebrates innovators and social entrepreneurs who are reaching new horizons of impact and improving the lives of those living on less than $5 a day. The Million Lives Club is supported by many of the world’s leading development organisations, who believe that innovation is critical for delivering sustained, scalable solutions to the world’s complex problems.

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