Davide Zaffino of Montréal is a cannabis industry leader

Small producers seizing big opportunities, says Davide Zaffino of ROSELifeScience

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It should be easy for Québecers to access great local cannabis that’s responsible, says ROSELifeScience President and CEO Davide Zaffino. And according to the Montréal native and cannabis industry leader, this is exactly what’s happening…in earnest.

Introducing: DLYS, Quebec’s first craft-cannabis collective, brought to the Québec consumers by Zaffino and his team at ROSE. Their goal? “Unite Québec’s regional micro-producers to share resources and help bring local cannabis to market,” reads a press release from the company.

“It just makes sense,” said Zaffino. “These local micro-producers are doing amazing things, equal to and in some cases surpassing commercial producers. But, without the right resources, it can be difficult to get those products on the shelf in our highly regulated industry. At ROSE, we created DLYS to bring these craftspeople together under one brand in an effort to help make it happen.”

In addition to producing their own high-quality cannabis, Zaffino and fellow ROSE co-founders Brian Stevenson and François Limoges have positioned their company to service the industry through distribution, logistics, marketing and experienced consultation inside the regulated world.
“DLYS is a great example of what is possible here in Québec,” said Limoges, who also acts as ROSE’s chief product officer. “Davide has taken the lead on this for micro-producers in our province and it’s turning into a pretty big opportunity for everyone.”

What is a micro-producer?

By definition, a micro-producer can have a facility of up to 200 square meters. According to Zaffino, this limited capacity and distribution can make it difficult for the ‘little guy’ to deliver on the stringent requirements of reaching a provincial sales market.

“It’s difficult for a good reason,” says Zaffino about the robust cannabis act in Québec. “Strict rules, regulations and standards are how we keep things safe and responsible for our communities, families, businesses and especially for consumers. The mission of DLYS is to empower local producers to continue being great at what they do, inside this context.

Since DLYS hit Québec shelves in January of 2021, Zaffino and ROSE have continued to build relationships with more Québec micro-producers. The first two products under the DLYS moniker are: AMOS by mindiCANNA out of Abitibi, and Terrebone by Hydrocanna (named after its hometown along the north shore of Montréal). Zaffino says there are at least two more products in the works, one by Les Culture Angers out of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and another from Lahoja, in Beauce.

“It’s clear this collective model is working for craft cannabis in Quebec,” says Zaffino.

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