Dallas Teen Maliyah D. Collins Contributes Illustrations for Why We Go to Church

Why We Go to Church, Illustrator Maliyah D. Collins

Why We Go to Church, Illustrator Maliyah D. Collins

by Fran Briggs

Maliyah’s work is remarkable and extraordinary. It befits the storyline perfectly.”

— Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a 16-year-old artist, she was professionally commissioned to illustrate what is expected to be a best-selling book. Maliyah D. Collins, with her first attempt, is inspiring and impressing thousands with her superb illustrations, her publicist announced today.

The book project marks the first time that award-winning, 15-time author, D.L. Quaker (a.k.a. Danyelle Scroggins) has commissioned a teen to illustrate her original book cover and interior work.

“Why We Go to Church” by D. L. Quaker is dynamically animated and is capturing the attention of children and adults, alike.

When the Texas teenager was asked what inspired her illustrations for the book cover Maliyah D. Collins replied, “Based on the personalities of the characters, I knew I needed to portray their personalities and relationships with one another. I asked the author what she wanted, then I did my best to visualize her thoughts and ideas.”

Collins says she was drawn to animation years ago after watching her father Marquis, a stellar artist in his own right, create. Her father immediately recognized her talent and encouraged her to develop it.

“Maliyah’s work is remarkable and extraordinary. It befits the storyline perfectly,” stated Fran Briggs, spokesperson for Maliyah D. Collins. “Her choice of colors include blue, fuchsia, purple, pink, and gray. They help depict the wit, warmth, and expressions of the characters.”

Why We Go to Church is available at https://www.amazon.com/Why-We-Go-Church-Quaker/dp/B093RWX5L6. For additional information, including how to commission Maliyah D. Collins for professional illustration and animation services, contact Fran Briggs at FranBriggs@aol.com.


Maliyah D. Collins is an artist who brings storylines to life with stellar illustrations. She enjoys cooking, exercising, and dancing, Maliyah is a majorette at David W. Carter High School in Texas, and the illustrator of “Why We Go to Church” by D.L. Quaker.

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