Cytomegalovirus Treatment Market Size Global Industry Trends, Share, and Forecast Report

The cytomegalovirus (CMV) treatment market is anticipated to register a CAGR of nearly 6.1% during the forecast period.

– Rising prevalence of CMV retinitis and congenital CMV infection, broaden the application range of CMV treatment, rising initiatives for creating awareness about treatments and diagnosis of these conditions, and increasing clinical trial studies for the development of new drugs are likely to be the factors responsible for the growth of this market.

– As per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about one out of every 200 babies is born with congenital CMV infection. CMV infection in the neonate generates attenuated interferon response associated with a similar infection in the adult. Cytomegalovirus infection and risk of reactivation of cytomegalovirus infection have been reported during pregnancy. These can also lead to congenital CMV infection. Thus, rising disease burden is expected to boost the penetration rate of treatments.

In addition, increasing prevalence of viral infections among AIDS patients due to weakened immune systems is expected to drive the demand for cytomegalovirus drugs. For instance, according to data published by the CDC, around 36.7 million people were living with HIV infection in 2017. The wide availability of antiviral drugs to treat this ailment is expected to drive the demand for efficient treatment solutions.

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Furthermore, the market is likely to witness the patent expiration of many drugs during the forecast period. The expiry of patents results in the availability of generic drugs, which have the same drug constitution as branded drugs but are available at a very low price. In addition, physicians also prescribe these drugs to patients as they are cost-effective. Furthermore, a positive reimbursement scenario that covers the diagnosis and treatments of targeted disorders is expected to propel the market growth.

However, adverse effects and risks related to cytomegalovirus drugs may hamper the demand for cytomegalovirus (CMV) treatment market.

Key Market Trends

Stem Cell Transplantation Held The Substantial Share In the Market and is Expected to Continue to Do the Same during the Forecast Period

– The stem cell transplantation poised to benefit from the inclusion of new cell types, which in turn, provide substantial opportunities to companies to reinforce their market position. As a result, the number of companies involved in cell therapy development has increased tremendously over the past years.
– Rising funding from the government as well as private organizations to support stem cell therapy clinical trials, introduction of effective guidelines for stem cell therapy manufacturing, and proven effectiveness of products are some of the primary growth stimulants for the market. In addition, declining prices of stem cell therapies are leading to increased inclination of buyers towards cell therapy.
– Development of cell banking facilities and resultant expansion of production, storage, and characterization of cells are enhancing volumetric capabilities of the cytomegalovirus (CMV) treatment market at a global level.
– Furthermore, regulatory bodies are engaged in providing support to innovators for the introduction of novel and effective solutions for patients as quickly as possible. Moreover, existing companies are working in collaboration with regulatory agencies in order to best fit into the regulatory model for cell therapies.
– Healthcare practitioners are making significant use of stem cells derived from bone marrow or blood in transplant procedures for the treatment of patients with cancer, blood disorders, and immune-related disorders. Despite being slightly ethically as well as legally controversial, the segment is gaining significant attention from entities involved in various aspects of disease management.

Cytomegalovirus Treatment Market Size Global Industry Trends, Share, and Forecast Report 2022-2031
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