Crypto Currency P2P Matching Platform “Battle Choice” Service Start

W.L Ltd (CEO Mark Twein), blockchain technology company, is pleased to announce the release of a next trading service utilizing blockchain technology. 

CALIFORNIA, USA, December 18, 2020 / — We will release a P2P matching service using Crypto currency from the United States. In order to further develop person-to-person transactions, we have made it possible to match people around the world using Crypto currency. We have already developed our own currency (LoTCoin) and are in the process of listing it on an exchange. We are also in the process of forming a partnership with an online casino site. W.L Ltd. will provide the base platform for these.

The term “blockchain” has now become a buzzword. However, the infrastructure is still insufficient for blockchain technology to penetrate society, and many applications of blockchain technology have yet to be implemented in society. There is room for improvement in both the quality of applications and the number of applications that can be realized.

The first application that is expected to be developed is person-to-person transactions. This service combines Security Token and Smart Contract, as well as the external Programmable Money that is expected to be socially implemented in the future, to enable programmatic operation of transactions between individuals. “We will handle a variety of products on a single platform. By doing so, we aim to enable transactions with anyone, including small individual investors and overseas investors, “24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” “anytime, flexibly,” “from anywhere,” and “without the need for a dedicated terminal.

At the same time, in order to minimize counterparty risk, which is one of the challenges of current tokenization, we will combine the blockchain infrastructure with a trust to build a system that can protect investors’ rights. Specifically, the blockchain will hold the original register information of the holders of the rights to the current goods or trust beneficiary rights related to the underlying assets, and the original register information will be automatically updated whenever the rights to the goods are transferred, making it possible to legally claim the rights. At the time of issuance, all information about each item is programmed, and the transfer of funds associated with interest payments and redemptions during the term is also performed automatically. The service aims to make it possible for tokens on different blockchains to be exchanged without the need for a third party, in order to perform simultaneous and automatic payment for the transfer of rights to goods.

About the Platform

BATTLE CHOICE is a P2P matching service that allows users to trade their original characters between individuals. By trading characters, users earn profits. The service’s automatic AI lottery function enables simple transactions. The company operates on user matching fees as its revenue source. The service is managed and operated in such a way that users are fluidly matched with each other.

Company Profile

Company name: W.L Ltd

Representative: Mark Twin, Representative Director

Location : 19325 Bollinger Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 , USA

Establishment : August 04, 2017

Business : Software development and research using blockchain


About W.L Ltd

Creating a “new transaction infrastructure” based on blockchain technology. We aim to improve the trust and evaluation involved in transactions, eliminate troubles in economic production activities between individuals, including transactions and production, and improve the productivity of the task of transactions that have been conducted since time immemorial. At BattleChoice, we will continue to work together as a team to develop a blockchain-enabled society. Creating a new world. That is the mission of W.L Ltd.

Carl Louis
W.L Ltd
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