Cozy Corner Patios Sets Course To Redefine Outdoor Furniture eCommerce Space

The Rockies – 8pc Sunbrella® Outdoor Patio Furniture

The GrandTeton – 12pc Sunbrella® Outdoor Sofa Set

nspired by market response online retailer prepares to expand outdoor patio furniture portfolio made with high-quality materials at affordable prices.

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, USA, February 21, 2021 / — Cozy Corner Patios (CCP), a small business aiming to become a trendsetter in the outdoor furniture space, is excited to announce the launch of its new product range through its e-commerce services platform. What started as a business among friends and associates has ushered in a unique opportunity for customers to find high-quality, affordable furniture from the convenience of their home. The team at CCP believe that luxurious outdoor furniture should be available to as many people as possible and that everyone should be given the opportunity to beautify their outdoor spaces with the furniture of their dreams.

CCP provides exceptional quality outdoor furniture at an unbeatable price. The team pays careful attention to industry trends and consumer needs to design sophisticated and elegant furniture, evidenced by the materials they use and the design details they incorporate. With new-age styling and a simple color palette, interior design aficionados, minimalists, and people who want to add stylish new furniture to their home but are not sure where to start are sure to find something they will love. A definite value addition is the custom design consultation services on offer for those who wish to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces but are not sure how to go about it.

Choosing long-lasting, superior materials is of the utmost importance to CCP. “We believe that great furniture starts with the materials they are made of,” says Vibhas Sen, VP of Marketing & Sale. “We utilize the best quality PE wicker for all seasons, comfortable cushions for all body types, and ensure that quality that long outlives the furniture’s warranty to deliver on our customer’s furniture dreams.” Not only that, CCP uses Sunbrella® fabric, a luxurious fabric that never fades, and rust-free high-grade aluminum to create furniture that can withstand the elements and look as amazing as the day it was purchased, season after season.

The idea behind CCP came to Maria, CCP’s Founder, after she tried to go shopping for patio furniture and returned exasperated and frustrated by the options available to her at her budget. Most options were too expensive, and many cheaper options were low quality. She quickly realized that there was an industry-wide need for a different kind of outdoor furniture shopping experience. Along with some like-minded friends and colleagues, Maria founded CCP as an eCommerce outdoor furniture retailer. Though products are available online, CCP has the feel of a warm, welcoming small business that is completely dedicated to the happiness of every single customer.

When deciding between starting a brick and mortar store or eCommerce business, CCP chose eCommerce to allow their outdoor furniture for two very important reasons one was to keep costs in check as affordable luxury is the USP and the other was to reach the largest number of customers possible. Not that they are against the brick and mortar model ; they address this need by using existing customers residences as showrooms to give the prospective buyers a feel of the real product in its natural environment. CCP recognizes that there are varying qualities of outdoor patio furniture, so they set out to make high-quality outdoor furniture more affordable and make their furniture offerings more accessible.

CCP cares deeply about customer satisfaction. They are currently in the process of designing a new website to make the online shopping experience as seamless as possible, as well as open channels of communication for customers to discuss their needs with CCP. To learn more, please visit

About Cozy Corner Patios LLC
Cozy Corner Patios is a high-end, luxury online retailer that specializes in the sale of outdoor furniture. CCP is committed to customer satisfaction and believes that customers should not have to sacrifice quality for price when it comes to buying outdoor furniture. Using high-quality materials and designing their outdoor furniture to last, CCP is working tirelessly to connect people everywhere with furniture they will love at a price they will love even more.

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