Cleaning Robot Market Envisioned to Generate a CAGR of 16% from 2022-2031

Market Overview

The Cleaning Robots Market is expected to register a CAGR of 16% during the forecast period . Technological innovation and modernization, coupled with the changing lifestyle of people, are the major factors propelling the growth of robotics for various purposes. Increased adoption of smart home devices is augmenting the growth of cleaning robotics for domestic as well as industrial uses.

– Also, the rise in labor costs and increasing safety concerns have further boosted the market growth. The various applications of cleaning robots range from floor cleaning, window cleaning, pool cleaning, etc. The use of cleaning robots minimizes human efforts and saves time, costs, and electricity.
– However, the costs involved in deploying the cleaning robots are a major factor restraining the market growth for the majority of the population. Cleaning robots are expected to replace the traditional vacuum cleaner as it replaces human efforts with automation and also saves electricity. However, the costs involved as compared to a vacuum cleaner is expected to hinder the adoption of cleaning robots.
– Also, the people in emerging economies such as India and China still rely on labor or traditional vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes.

Scope of the Report

Cleaning robots are autonomous devices that are capable of cleaning the floor, pool, windows, and lawns with very less or no intervention of humans. Cleaning robots, such as robot vacuum cleaner, are used for both residential and industrial purposes. Industrial cleaning robots are typically mobile, application-specific robots that automate industrial cleaning processes. These robots automate routine, dangerous, or dirty work for the sake of safety and efficiency.

Key Market Trends

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Pool-cleaning Robots in Commercial and Domestic Use Segment is Expected to Grow Significantly

– The pool-cleaning robots are expected to grow significantly during the forecast period owing to the need for automation in pool-cleaning in the domestic and commercial sectors. The changing urban lifestyle of people is a major factor driving the growth of the market. People have more disposable income, and pools in homes are becoming essentials to maintain luxury. However, maintaining a pool and cleaning is a tedious task, and hence, people are looking out for an automated solution to overcome the challenges.
– Pool-cleaning robots have automated features and can remove dirt and debris from the pools and can scrub the surface of the pools. Manual cleaning of pools requires a lot of effort and is time-consuming. However, the introduction of the pool-cleaning robot has simplified the process of cleaning.
– Pool-cleaning robots are an advanced, efficient, and cost-effective version of the traditional pool-cleaning equipment. It collects debris and sediments from swimming pools with minimal human intervention. Hence, the benefits offered by these robots are expected to boost market growth.
– Further, the pool-cleaning robots are expected to increase in adoption from both domestic as well as commercial applications. The growth of the luxurious hotel industry and the increase in the number of swimming pools for training purposes are expected to increase the market adoption of pool-cleaning robots.

Asia-Pacific Expected to Exhibit Maximum Adoption Rate

– The Asia-Pacific region is expected to show the maximum adoption of cleaning robots in the forecast period. The major factor boosting the market growth in the region is the gradual rise in the disposable income of the consumers in the region and the rapid change in the lifestyles of the people.
– Also, the major players are expanding their presence in the emerging countries to grab the maximum market share the region offers. For instance, Brain Corp. partnered with a Japanese company, in September 2019, Softbank Robotics to expand its products to the Asia-Pacific region, with the launch of Whiz, the new AI-enabled vacuum-cleaning robot, to commercial customers on a trial and subscription model in Singapore, bringing the smart appliance to the country.
– Also, the companies in the region are launching new and technologically-enhanced cleaning robots in the region to expand their market share and reach. As the region is still in its developing stage in terms of the adoption of cleaning robots, it is expected to present various opportunities to the vendors for expansion.

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