Chicago Small Business Owner Takes on Female Recession

Marie Hale, visionary behind fwdrEvolution, is changing the way work works for women

It’s time to change the way that work works – Marie Hale

If we don’t fight for a different way to work we will have no choice but to play the game that has been stacked against us since the beginning.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — -As we look at what is currently being done to support women in the workplace the overall push is to put them back into a position to have to climb back up a ladder that they were just kicked 30 years down. If we don’t fight for a different way to work we will have no choice but to play the game that has been stacked against us since the beginning.
-Overall, women have lost a net of 5.4 million jobs during the pandemic-induced recession compared with 4.4 million lost by men. This equates to women only recovering 55 percent of the 12.1 million jobs they lost at the beginning of the pandemic.

-The impact of this level of disruption to women’s ability to work would be enormous. Maternal labor force participation has been increasing over time steadily, but slowly; even a 5 percent decline would undo the past 25 years of progress.

“We are telling women who have been kicked out of their careers after 15-20 yrs of work to either find something new to do or climb back up a ladder that they were just pushed down. We have proven that the world can work a different way and if we don’t do everything we can to create lasting change and take care of the whole human that is working than we have failed not only as feminists, but as a society.” say Marie Hale, CEO, Speaker, Fed Up Mother.

Rising business profits and a high GDP have steadily increased the number of women in the workforce over the last three or so decades. However, the coronavirus recession has dealt a big blow to this progress, rendering many women 5.4 million women jobless.

This is what prompted Marie Hale, CEO of @revenue, single mother and diversity advocate, to create fwdrEvolution. A channel through which she provides a unique solution to fight the female recession and evolve the workplace permanently.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown and grappling with the horrors of the she-cession, Marie anchored her 20+ years of entrepreneurial grit and crafted a solution that isn’t just going to get women back to work – it’s going to change work forever. Launched on 1/7/2021, fwdrEvolution provides work opportunities to women who lost their jobs or left employment to take care of their families. That’s not all—it also provides women with professional development, POWER, solidarity and Custom Success Plans for Kids. Marie has created a community that will help devastated women and diverse persons get back on their feet and create life on their terms.

“Asking women to go back to a career that they fought and clawed to create at less than they were making before simply isn’t going to work—and no one is stepping up to change it,” Marie said.

What we need to provide is financial opportunities and choices, that is what power truly is. This is not just a policy play in the boardroom. It’s a ‘burn this mess to the ground and grow something wild and new from the scorched earth’ movement. fwdrEvolution is backed by top players in the marketing technology industry, who are providing education, certifications and resources to keep these women at the top of their industry. Many advocates and sponsors have already signed on to provide resources for the women impacted by the recession.

“fwdrEvolution is the kind of blistering innovation that it will take to change the impact of the female recession. Marie has assembled a system and teams of experts that are not only top-notch, but she knows how to get the best out of each of them by empowering them to do what they are great at. The result is inspired sales and marketing programs, and an entire workforce that does business from a place of ‘professional love’, as she calls it. You can see that this business is going to change things for good,” says Kathryn Miller, owner of SafetyChix, a 30 yr old janitorial company based in Chicago.

Many of the backers are standing up with Marie because she has over two decades of experience in the Chicago sales and marketing scene. With this venture, she’ll now lead this industry on a national scale.

As a widow, CEO and single mother of a 3rd grader, she understands what women go through and is using her position to help them regain their footing after losing 30+ years of forward-motion in pay equality. Marie is now calling upon all women who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to step out and take advantage of fwdrEvolution. It’s also time for the corporations that have touted diversity and equality to step up, support change, and advocate for the rights of diverse talent.

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