Can You Strike an Opponent’s Last Coin in a Carrom Game?

Have you ever wondered about the carrom rules, the last coin of an opponent, or basic general rules that keep penalties at bay? If yes, then here we have compiled the guide on the same.

Carrom board is the most popular indoor game in South East Asia and India.

Carrom is the most popular game in Southeast Asia and India. Everyone in their free time has played it. Not only does this game keep kids occupied but also a good leisure time for adults. With the involvement of technology, the game of carrom has become handier to people. Now they can play games at any time on their phone without worrying about anything.

Those familiar with the game often contemplate the question about striking the opponent’s last coin in the carrom game. If you do the same, here is your answer.

Yes, you can. According to the international carrom rules, one can strike the opponent’s last coin in the carrom game at any time. Now that might be overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with basic carrom rules, so below, we have jotted down the rules to save you from penalties and fouls check here.

Basic Rules to Play Carrom Board

The game of carrom is like a walk in the park. All you need is a carrom board, 18 carrom mens and one one queen to begin the game. And one can easily win the game if he knows the simple rules of the game. If you don’t know about carrom rules, then here is your chance to learn essential rules to master the game. 

1. Who will start the Game or First Serving

To decide who will serve first, you can use a traditional approach like tossing and all. The one who wins the toss can make the call of serving first or ask the opponent to serve first. The white carrom men always go with the first server, and the black carrom men are used by the opponent or second server.

2. Arrange the Board

Once the first server is finalized, the following approach arranges both black and white carrom men. Along with that, you also have to place the queen in the center. Either you can make separate pillars of white and black carrom and place a queen on the top, or you can make a circle with a queen in the middle and white and black carrom men covering it.

3. Use of Striker

After arranging the board, the one who won the toss has hit the carrom men with the striker. The first server got the three chances to break the arrangements, but this is only for the first time. After that, players will get only one chance.

4. Rules for Queen

Queen is the centerpiece of the game, and every player wants to pocket it, but specific rules are implied to the pocketing of a queen. In the first attempt, while breaking the all, if you got lucky pocketing the queen, it won’t be counted as a victory, and the queen will go back to the center. Queen can only be pocket after acquiring at least one or two carrom men in a game. After pocketing the queen, it is necessary to cover the queen if you succeed in that the queen will be yours, but if not, the queen will go back to the center. According to the rules, if you succeed in pocketing the queen and the cover, you get 5 points.

5. Arrow Rules

There are many lines, arrows, and circles, all of which serve a specific purpose on the carrom board. Whenever you try to make a stroke, keep in mind not to touch the diagonal arrow. These arrows indicate the boundaries inside which one must keep one’s striker.

6. Last Coin Rules

carrom rules for the last coin of the opponent : the first one is the last coin of the opponent and the second one is the last coin and the queen. If the player pockets his opponent’s final carrom man on the board, he is fined three points, forfeits the board. So greater caution is required to prevent striking the opposition’s last carrom man. If there is one carrom man and the queen is not pocketed, then the player will not pocket the carrom man before the queen. If he did, he would be fined 3 points and lose the board. The best approach is to pocket queen first, then go for cover.

7. Faults and Penalties

You need to follow specific rules while playing the carrom; if you fail to do that, there are consequences. If the person pockets the striker instead of the carrom man, then he/she has to put one carrom man on the board as a penalty. The same penalty goes for if the player pockets the opponent’s carrom man instead of his own. While making the strike, if carrom man and striker fall off the board, the person’s chance will be skipped. In that case, the carrom man will go in the center of the board and striker to the opposing player. Further, pushing the striker in the game of carrom is not allowed.

That’s all! Carrom is one of the popular indoor games. The match can be played either in singles or doubles. The winner would be the one who has more points in the end. However, to win the game, you must know all the necessary rules. It might seem the most accessible game on the planet, and it actually is, but still, not everyone can win the game. Those who know the rules are only able to make the highest point in the end.

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