Buying Justice-Millions Of Americans Are Not Afforded Due Process

Court Corruption Continues to be Widespread in the United States Favoring Parties with Deeper Pockets

BLACKWOOD, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 14, 2021 / — While the pandemic has the United States court system backed up more than ever, the injustice which has been prevalent for years continues to hurt parties involved in high-profile cases when judicial preference is given to named parties in a higher monetary situation. One unfortunate example which has also not been forefront in the media is regarding Rymir and Wanda Satterthwaite along with Dr. Lillie M. Coley in search of justice for ten years regarding due process among other allegations involving Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay Z and others. This sadly is just one incident where a high-profile party with the help of the court has been able to cause lack of due process for the plaintiffs and in this situation the defendant has skated a paternity test for over 8 years when Plaintiff Rymir simply requested only this.

However, this case is not just about paternity but the Constitutional rights which are afforded to us all. The case is about corruption on all levels from judges to attorneys and the parties involved. In extremely recent unfortunate events Dr. Lillie Coley submitted an amendment to the original PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI to the United States Supreme Court per court request. The response was submitted on time and Dr. Lillie Colley received a handwritten mail response one day later from the New Jersey Supreme Court which is unheard of in court matters, it was personally dropped off at the post office with a mail label ripped off stating lack of postage and non-delivery, despite a mail receipt from the USPS post office- clearly a stall tactic. As we all know, when anyone has returned mail, it is not handwritten by a court and the USPS will post a yellow label on the envelope as undeliverable/non-receipt and returned to sender. The question here is how high up does the corruption go with deep pockets, even to go into the extent of mail fraud?
In addition, his late mother Wanda Satterthwaite was additionally harassed while in the hospital, forced to sign paperwork under duress by Jay Z’s attorney in Philadelphia. The fact of the matter is this happens every day and this level of court corruption needs to be stopped when judicial prejudice is clearly inflicted on parties with less monetary funds.

“My mother who was a political figure has always told me follow the law – it is designed to work if you follow it,” said Lillie M. Coley, PhD, as a team member of Buying Justice a community project. “Her other advice was to say here is a solution to old problem – new legislation for court reform, and that is exactly what I am trying to do to not only help Rymir and I, but the countless others who have been the victims of a failed court system when their constitutional rights have been violated.”

On the contrary from being defeated, Dr. Lillie M. Coley along with others acted and launched an initiative for legislative change with Buying Justice. The case above will be brought in front of the U.S. Supreme court as it has brought up issues such as a voided judgment that no longer exists with lack of due process, denied motions citing fraud on court concealment of evidence, among several others. As a member of Buying Justice project, Dr. Lillie M. Coley has initiated a new wave of legislation to help the 100K people who have been negatively impacted by court corruption. She is fighting for new legislation for Pro Se litigants to help the thousands of victims of legal abuse by our judicial system – including the case with Rymir Satterthwaite who remains positive and simply requests due process.

“As long as you believe in yourself you really can do anything in this world. Fight for your success if you want to succeed,” said Rymir Satterthwaite, Singer and Rap Artist.

Take action and help this Buying Justice team of about 10-15 families from around the nation go to D.C. before Congress to Stop Legal Abuse by asking your local officials to pass our proposed Legislation, the Pro Se Legal Abuse Act, currently in draft form and also by signing a petition here:

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