Brotschol Asks Sherrill Should Dr. Fauci Be Fired

Emails and Donations Question What Fauci Knew About Wuhan Lab and COVID – 19

These emails raise serious questions about what did Dr. Fauci know and when did he know it. They raise the question should he be fired or not? ”

— Hillery Brotschol

LAKE HIAWATHA, NJ, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / — Today, Hillery Brotschol, Republican Congressional candidate for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District directly asked Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill if she believes Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases with National Institute of Health should be fired and renewed her call for a full investigation into any funding the Chinese Wuhan lab where COVID – 19 originated may have received from the National Institute of Health (NIH) or any American government entity. She also called for a full audit of all expenditures that National Institute of Health has made in the past five years after an admission from Dr. Fauci that some NIH funding went to the Wuhan lab. Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act show that Dr. Fauci was warned that the coronavirus had possibly been “engineered” and appeared to be taking reports about it seriously — at the same time he was publicly downplaying the notion of the virus being created in a lab, according to his emails. Dr. Fauci also received a “personal thank you” for backing the “natural origin” theory from the head of a nonprofit that used a $3.4 million government grant to fund research at the Chinese lab suspected of creating the virus, the emails show.

“These emails raise serious questions about what did Dr. Fauci know and when did he know it,” said Hillery Brotschol. “They raise the question should he be fired or not? Should he remain the President’s chief medical adviser in light of these emails? I call on Mikie Sherrill to state her position clearly on whether Dr. Fauci should be fired?”

Brotschol Background
Hillery Brotschol is the new generation of young Republicans committed to fighting to preserve our Constitution and stop the progressive socialist movement. She has often been called the “Good Hillery.”

Hillery is a lifelong resident of Morris County and a graduate of Montclair State University. Her unique background, which can attract young voters, includes being an award-winning screenwriter, film producer and a proud union member.

Like Ronald Reagan, Hillery spent most of her adult life as a registered Democrat and realized that the Democratic Party left her and that they are a party of special interest groups and socialist progressives.

Hillery is running for office because she refuses to allow the people of the 11th District to be bullied into silence and submission by a Congress that does nothing but vilify those who dare to disagree.

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