Be Good. Earth Saves the Planet Through the Gift of Glide

Smooth Operators know disposable razors aren’t doing the planet any favors. Be Good. Earth is disrupting the shaving industry with its eco-razors.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , September 22, 2021 / — Over 2 billion disposable razors end up in a landfill every year, with the average person contributing about 2,000 of them in their lifetime. A standard disposable plastic razor is good for three to 10 shaves before it gets blunt and clogged — then off to the landfill, it goes. Additionally, constantly purchasing new razors means more waste is created from plastic and cardboard packaging.

One small business is trying to changing that.

Be Good. Earth has reinvented the shaving industry through its eco-friendly razors, designed to last for years and years with proper care. With a silky-smooth line of limited edition Metallics, Rose Gold, Chrome, and lovable pastel-colored safety razors, zero waste means making a safety switch that holds enormous benefits for our environment.

Designed to hug curves, Be Good. Earth delivers environmentally kind shaving to a market eager for reinvention. The enterprise has been praised for its ability to produce a world of well-groomed wonders.

Notably, silky smooth shaves with minor irritation or ingrown hairs.

“These safety razors are made out of brass alloy ( brass and zinc). It’s a durable material that is also corrosion-resistant. The goal of these razors is to help people make more sustainable switches that are conscious of the earth and the amount of waste we discard every day. The beauty industry is one of the largest in contributing to landfill waste – it’s important people educate themselves and make sustainable switches when possible.”

While safety razors are not a new invention, through the years, this creative concept was replaced by cheap and disposable plastics.

Common in households in the 1950s, safety razors were once a mainstay. Through industrialization and the need for more affordable and disposable products, plastic razors dominated the shaving industry. This caused much harm to the environment, with discarded razors ending up in our oceans and landfills that do not break down or compost properly.

Be Good. Earth reinvents outdated shaving routines by pulling pages from the past while ushering in a golden age of eco-grooming.

Razors are designed to last for years with proper care and blades are recyclable through sharp object recycling centers. While each city and municipality differs, there are always eco options for proper disposal and recycling of blades.

In addition to Be Good. Earth’s innovative safety razors, this bold brand also offers zero waste shaving bars and additional beauty products that keep the environment top of mind.

Make every encounter exceptional through Be Good. Earth’s sustainable and sensorial experiences. For more information, visit

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