Author and Autism Coach Deanna Picon Named Top Parental Advice Writer by Autism Parenting Magazine

National Award-Winning Autism Publication Honors the Best Contributors of 2020

Special needs parents will place their own needs on the back burner to make sure all their kids’ needs are met. Their love and devotion have never been more on display than during this pandemic.”

— Deanna Picon

NEW YORK, NY, US, February 9, 2021 / — Deanna Picon has been named the recipient of the 2020 Top Parental Advice Writer Award by Autism Parenting Magazine, a national award-winning publication. Deanna Picon is also the founder of Your Autism Coach, LLC and author of The Autism Parents’ Guide To Reclaiming Your Life.

“2020 wasn’t an easy year for anyone, with the COVID-19 virus significantly impacting the autism community. It’s been particularly challenging as families were forced to abandon their usual routines and ASD children found themselves living in an unfamiliar world,” said Emily Ansell Elfer, Editor, Autism Parenting Magazine. “Through her excellent writing, Deanna provided critical support and expert guidance to thousands of special needs families during a time when they were experiencing tremendous upheavals in their lives.”

“I’m truly honored to be recognized with this prestigious award. Supporting and advocating for special needs parents, like myself and my husband, is my lifelong mission,” said Deanna Picon.

In her groundbreaking book, magazine articles and work with special needs families, Picon emphasizes that parents must learn to care for themselves and each other, as well as their sons and daughters.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this past year was especially overwhelming for parents as they took on the additional roles of special education teachers and therapists at home, without any proper training. Despite all the fears, anxieties and concerns these parents were personally experiencing, they still provided a safe haven for their children. They’re heroes in my book,” said Picon.

Deanna Picon’s widely acclaimed book, The Autism Parents’ Guide To Reclaiming Your Life, is available through Her unique perspective on the challenges of parenting special needs children include the following tips for parents:

•Ask for help when you need it. There will be times when all the challenges and stress get on top of you, and you just need an extra pair of hands to help you through. With all the increased responsibilities you’ve acquired because of the pandemic, there’s no shame in asking for and accepting help from family and friends. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s actually a sign of strength and courage to share your needs with others.

•Remember you’re human. No one’s perfect. You’re allowed to make mistakes, get angry, frustrated, resentful or even be sad or depressed at times. So cut yourself some slack. The pandemic has put unprecedented pressures on everyone. It’s okay to blow off some steam every once a while. Don’t isolate yourself. Have a good talk with a friend or family member. It’s beneficial to unload the weight of your responsibilities for a short time.

•Manage your health. It’s important to take care of yourself, especially with everything on your plate. Try to get at least six hours of sleep a night, eat properly and get some exercise.

•Reward yourself. You work very hard managing your family and work responsibilities. Do something nice for yourself, each week, no matter how small. It could be as simple as setting aside 30 minutes to read your favorite magazine, watch television or call, text or email a friend. Shop online and buy yourself a lovely gift or something you’ve been wanting.

•Celebrate you! Know you’re amazing. If anything, you’re an even stronger and better person for having stepped up to the challenges of life with a special needs child.

Your Autism Coach, LLC provides personalized guidance, comprehensive support programs and seminars that address the issues and concerns of parents of special needs children and adults. Now on Twitter (@yourautismcoach), look for the latest parenting tips and advice from Deanna Picon. She shows parents how to overcome the challenges of raising a child with special needs, while building a rewarding life for themselves.

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