Australians view YouTube as most caring, socially responsible social media platform as social media use rises

AUSTRALIA, December 17, 2020 / — According to a series of recent studies commissioned by research platform Glow, YouTube has the most positive reputation with Australians, across all major social media platforms. Notably, respondents aged 45 and older distrust all social media platforms much more than those aged 18 to 44.

In Glow’s short term survey that took place in Australia from 6 November to 8 November, respondents were asked which social media platforms they perceive to be most caring, most socially responsible, and whether they believe the platform can be trusted to do the right thing. YouTube was a clear leader in all categories, maintaining the most positive reputation across all age groups.

Younger generations of Aussies are much more likely to trust social media platforms than those aged 45 and above. This trend occurs across all social media platforms in the survey — including, notably, in respondents’ perception of Facebook. The majority (60 percent) of respondents aged 18 to 44 trust Facebook to do what is right, compared to only a third (34 percent) of those who are aged 45 and above.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a previous study conducted by Glow on 30 October to 2 November indicated Britons were turning to WhatsApp at the same level they were turning to Facebook. 65 percent of UK respondents cited an increased reliance on WhatsApp this year, alongside a 63 percent increase in Facebook activity. Considering WhatsApp is owned by Facebook — BBC reports that Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 — it appears to be a win-win for the social media giant.

Conversely, TikTok, the controversial newbie on the block, consistently fell to the bottom of each category in Glow’s Australian survey — particularly in the area of being trusted to do what is right. Approximately half of Australians do not trust TikTok to do the right thing.

36 percent of respondents aged 18 to 44 distrust TikTok to do the right thing, compared to an incredible 62 percent of those aged 45 and older — indicating a significant lack of trust in TikTok within this generation.

Hootsuite reported that 93 percent of TikTok users are aged 44 and under. Given that TikTok’s user base is made up of this younger age group, it could be said that those who are more familiar with the platform are more likely to trust it. TikTok’s negative reputation within the 45+ age group could be, at least partially, due to a simple case of unfamiliarity.

With an increasing reliance on mobile devices for entertainment purposes as such, it’s no wonder that Australians are eager to purchase the latest releases. A recent study by Glow aimed to explore this phenomenon further, seeking insight into what happens to old devices once upgrades are purchased.

Glow’s study in collaboration with Mazuma Mobile showed that more than half of Australians keep 1-2 unused phones “just in case”. A further 18 percent hoard as many as 3-5 old phones, keeping them stashed away in storage at home.

Glow is a research technology business with no political affiliations.

Research Methodology
Data is based on a sample of 1039 Australians aged 18+. The survey was conducted 6-8 November 2020, targeting a representative sample based on current census data. A sample size of 1039 will have a margin of error of +/- 3%.

In the UK, data is based on a sample of 1023 UK residents aged 18+. The survey was conducted October 30 to Nov 2 2020, targeting a representative sample based on current census data. A sample size of 1023 will have a margin of error of +/- 3%.

Where the responses do not add up to exactly 100%, differing by +/- 1%, this could be due to rounding.

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