Aurora Expands Suite of Cybersecurity Assessments across the US

Aurora Security Consulting Services

TORRANCE, CA, UNITED STATES, December 25, 2020 / — Aurora Systems Consulting, a leading provider of cybersecurity consulting services, has announced an expansion of their security consulting portfolio to include a cybersecurity risk assessment. A cybersecurity risk assessment is a critical first step when evaluating the risks within an organization’s environment.

Aurora’s portfolio of security consulting services includes HIPAA Compliance Audits, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and many more. When offering consulting services to customers, Aurora has frequently recommended a cyber security risk assessment to companies who are just beginning to implement security solutions. With the rise of cyber-attacks for companies of all sizes, in any industry, expanding the offering of cybersecurity risk assessments to customers across the US is essential. Cybersecurity risk assessments are critical to identifying relevant threats to an organization, internal vulnerabilities, external vulnerabilities, and the impact and likelihood of these vulnerabilities being exploited. Announcing an expansion of these assessments across the US allows Aurora to continue to help a growing list of clients solve their complex security problems.

“Many of our customers are looking to be compliant with the security standards of their industry. Our assessments help them evaluate how their security environment compares to security standards including HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, and PCI DSS.” said Aurora CEO, Philip De Souza. “Expanding these consulting services to a wider audience is critical during this time of increased risk for attacks.”

In addition to a cybersecurity risk assessment, Aurora offers several security consulting services to their customers including:
Penetration Testing: evaluate risks using tests against your internet perimeter using real-world manual and automated attack techniques
HIPAA Security and Compliance Assessment: helping customers evaluate their adherence to existing policies and industry best practices then identifying the areas of weakness that need to be addressed
PCI DSS Gap Analysis: identify how an organizations security environment compares to PCI Compliance requirements

Aurora has expanded their security consulting services offerings across the US because of the strong need for many organizations to have awareness of their cyber health during times of increased risk for cyber-attacks. Since it is not a matter of if you will be attacked, but a matter of when, administering cyber security risk assessments is critical today. Investing in these kinds of assessments can reduce long term costs, improve communication, and provide an organization with better awareness of their behavior and IT environment.

About Aurora:
Security-conscious companies have turned to Aurora for support of their business-critical applications since 1990. Aurora maintains meaningful partnerships with security companies to offer top-line solutions that help solve customer’s complex business problems. With the combination of partner solutions and Aurora’s security consulting services, Aurora can be a single source provider of security for their customers.

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