Atlanta Businessmen Go Rogue As They Turn To The Airwaves in an Effort To Mitigate The Angst Of Covid 19’s Second Wave

Atlanta Business Men, McDonald & Stulak are Using Their Podcast, The WizeGuys to Encourage Community Healing

Atlanta Businessmen Take To The Airwaves To Change The Conversation, By Using Their Podcast, The WizeGuys To Encourage Community Healing

Atlanta Businessmen, John Stulak and Larry McDonald Use Their Unique Platform, The WizeGuys Podcast, To Foster Community Healing Amidst Covid’s Second Wave

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2020 / — A collective sigh can be heard as news of lockdowns, and statewide restrictions were reinstated this past month. As Coronavirus rates once again rise, Atlanta Businessmen, Larry McDonald Jr. (Mac) and John Stulak (Stu), a deep need to be an ancillary source of comfort, amusement, and ultimately wisdom to a community spiraling in Covid19 angst. These two, Wise Guys, as they have been affectionately known over the years, are taking their brand of roguish wisdom to the masses by launching the WizeGuys Podcast.

The response to their irreverent delivery of inspired content has been met with an immediate clamor for more mind-soothing episodes. “I feel that this is what is needed right now, at this exact moment,” states Julie Lokun, a Masters Certified Life Coach, “During the first wave, it felt as though everyone had a commonality, a need for connection amidst the panic, “Lokun continues, “With the onset of the second wave, I have observed that depression, isolation, and resolution have created a chasm in clients, who were at one time vibrant and optimistic.”

As mental health professionals are at max capacity, a looming mental health crisis is hard to ignore. “A second wave of devastation is imminent, attributable to mental health consequences of Covid-19,” wrote authors Dr. Naomi Simon, Dr. Glenn Saxe, and Dr. Charles Marmar, from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine.

Leaders in their communities, McDonald and Stulak, knew that their branded form of inspiration was the salve that could ease the pain of those suffering from isolation, job loss, malaise, and those who need a respite from the drudgery of the ominous news cycle.

Larry, “The Maverick”, McDonald, thought leader and motivational speaker, has coined his followers “rougers” as a nod to going off the beaten path in pursuit of wisdom. “Our truest hope is that we can help our ‘roguers’ cultivate deeper wisdom and poise. Everyone will wonder what planet they are from!” And in true form, his followers are acknowledging that his branded dash of wonderment eases the impact of isolation.

Teri Bales-Nichols of Cantrall, Illinois, is a die-hard WizeGuys Podcast fan. “I had been feeling as though I needed a little more in my life.The current restrictions due to Covid left me feeling stagnant. Mac and Stu really pushed me to rethink my days. Their inspirational words and wise-cracks were just what I needed,” Bales-Nichols reflects.

John “The Maestro” Stulak has emphasized the importance of a grassroots approach to unifying post- covid healing. Stulak, the equalizing voice of the duo approaches each conversation with the lessons of a favorite Christmas movie.

Stulak emphasizes, “Funny thing about trains… it doesn’t matter where they’re going, it just matters that you get on.” His hope, in tandem with McDonald’s, is that the WizeGuys will spark healing in all those that listen and perhaps, bring about revitalized hope.

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