Announcing the Long Weekend Retirement Plan by Tom Busby – a Review by WindsorFX

The Long Weekend Life, is a trading and investment retirement plan designed by Tom Busby, Roger Scott, WealthPress and DTI for every Day Trader.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 4, 2021 / — The Financial trading community is abuzz with the release of Long Weekend Retirement Plan. A trading strategy designed by Tom Busby, Roger Scott, WealthPress and the DTI team. Tom envisions a Long Weekend Life based on a trader using a strategy that gives trade entries on Tuesday and the trades close on Friday.

The Strategy sounds pretty basic right? But why Tuesday and not any other of the five trading days?

In an article titled Long Weekend Retirement Plan Review by WindsorForex. The author highlights the anomalous behaviour of the markets on Tuesday, with a consistent observation for more than three decades. It happens that Monday fundamental elements affecting a stock or currency pair make the charts to be undecided. It’s on Tuesday’s that the charts show a trajectory giving suitable entry points. The momentum rides through Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday it gets to a halt. Friday is therefore the best time to exit those trades.

With hundreds of stocks, options and other financial instruments, how does a trader know what to stock or pair to trade. In a recorded webinar by Tom Busby and team, he reveals how to go after those ‘big boys’ that will result to returns between 60% to 180% or more where possible. Therefore, by picking Tuesday as the day to enter trades one is already halfway there, when combined with Wealthpress proprietary trade finder strategies, then chances of success highly skyrocket.

Who is suitable to en-roll for Long Weekend Retirement Plan?

The use of the word Retirement is a bit misleading as this may look like a product that is only suitable for those past a certain age. The truth of the matter is that this product releases much of the needed time in a predictable manner. This way, a trader only has Tuesday to trade and Friday to Exit the trades. From Friday evening to Monday evening they have a long weekend to do what they really love. Maybe spend more time with family and friends. Learn a new skill, attend to some hobby, do a weekend getaway and more. Wednesday and Thursday one can focus on doing other official things without the need for intervention on trades placed on Tuesday.

“In this program, Tom Busby, Roger Scott and the WealthPress team will be using their proprietary trade finder systems. Each Tuesday, traders will be receive a list of trades to enter and on Friday another alert would be sent to exit the trades. This sounds like a no-brainer, because indeed it’s as easy as it says. It’s as easy as a well planned retirement, hence the name suits.” Alex A, WF

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