An Innovative Prescription Drug Plan Option for PACE Patients in Pennsylvania

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Independent Pharmacy-Owned Plan For PA PACE and Newly Eligible Medicare Patients Keeps Pharmacy Care Accessible and Healthcare Dollars in Local Economy

By working with local providers, members also keep their health care dollars in the local economy, which is more important than ever in these uncertain times.”

— Amanda Peterson, CEO Indy Health Insurance

HOT SPRINGS, AR, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 / — The Medicare Annual Election Period may be over, but for Pennsylvania PACE and newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries, there’s still time to enroll in an affordable, patient-centered pharmacy benefits plan. Indy Health, an independent pharmacy, and pharmacy organization-owned prescription drug plan (PDP) insurer rolled out two new Medicare D plans this year and both are open to patients in Pennsylvania’s PACE program and newly eligible Medicare patients. PACE Members are able to enroll in either plan throughout the year through their special enrollment period (SEP).

“As pharmacists and pharmacy owners, we’ve seen how difficult this past year has been on our patients, and not just because of the pandemic,” said Indy Health Insurance Company Board Chair Laura Atkinson. “This year many patients were unhappily surprised to discover it would cost them more to use their local community pharmacy in 2021, and for some, that wasn’t just a deal-breaker, it was a heart-breaker. Our plan allows any Medicare or PACE beneficiary in Pennsylvania to maintain access to their current pharmacy – without paying more.”

Indy Health’s SaverRx plan is a basic plan for those who are eligible for PACE and Medicare D prescription drug coverage who are currently or would like to receive their medications from independent pharmacies of their choice. This plan is a standard Medicare Part D plan which will receive auto-assigned members from CMS who are eligible to receive extra help with premiums and co-pays, in addition to any beneficiary who chooses to enroll in this plan.

Indy Health’s EliteRx plan builds off the foundation of the SaverRx program but provides a cost-effective alternative to other plans in the marketplace. Both plans have independent pharmacies as Preferred providers where members pay lower co-pays.

Other pharmacies are also available in the Indy Health network.

“Indy Health’s Elite Rx and Saver Rx plans are designed to provide patients the most flexible and accessible prescription coverage for the best possible price,” said Amanda Peterson, Indy Health’s CEO. “Local pharmacies are the true health hubs of their community. Our goal is to make it easy for our plan members to receive their medications from the pharmacies where they’ve built relationships, sometimes over generations. For patients, it’s a locally-based alternative to the often overly-restrictive requirements of other plans. By working with local providers, members also keep their health care dollars in the local economy, which is more important than ever in these uncertain times.”

Indy Health’s SaverRx and EliteRx Medicare Part D plans allow participants to receive their medications through thousands of pharmacies in their network, but Indy Health promotes using patients’ local independent pharmacy as a preferred pharmacy and does not require the use of prescription mail order or large retail chain pharmacies. Under Indy Health, PACE and Medicare-eligible residents may choose their pharmacy.

PACE and newly eligible Medicare residents wishing to enroll in Indy Health’s Medicare Part D plan should select Indy Health Insurance Company as their plan choice when making their prescription drug insurer selections on the government website portal For Indy Health Plan details or to enroll with Indy Health directly go to or call 800-799-0927 (TTY 711).

About Indy Health:

The Indy Health team has over 616 combined years of experience in Medicare-D plans, Health Insurance, Med D Actuarial Analysis, Health Insurance Law, and Pharmacy. The Indy Health team’s mission is to create a transparent Medicare-D plan that provides fair reimbursements for independent pharmacies as well as transparent pricing and affordable medications for consumers.

Through Indy Health Insurance Company, independent pharmacies will benefit by partnering with an independently owned entity that provides independent pharmacies a more equitable representation within the prescription drug system.

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