Advanced Authentication Market in the Financial Service Industry Size Outlook, Share and Growth and Forecast Assumptions 2022-2031

Market Overview

The global advanced authentication market in the financial service industry was valued at USD 3.476 billion, and it is expected to register a CAGR of 13.6% over the forecast period. The financial services domain, to provide seamless services to its end users, needs to share sensitive and often regulated information across organizations and corporates. The need for sharing data has increased considerably over the last few years, majorly as a result of the advent of cloud-based services. 

Major solution providers in the market today are focusing on providing a broad platform to support various existing entities in the environment, including Windows Credential Provider, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Linux Pluggable Authentication.
With the demand for mobile application security, particularly for financial services, along with low-cost apps and on-demand provisioning of software, the cost of biometric integration is expected to decrease.
Changing consumer dynamics and increasing technology penetration are driving the adoption of online services among end users. The trend is also driving online transactions, resulting in a renewed emphasis on security and privacy.

Scope of the Report

Advanced authentication provides a central place for all authentication policies to be managed. This is important because organizations are usually forced to operate and maintain multiple infrastructures. Advanced authentication, two-factor authentication, or multifactor authentication requires an additional separate factor or credential to complete the log-in or transaction process.

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Key Market Trends

Biometrics Segment to Hold Major Share

Biometrics analyze and verify/authenticate individuals based on human physical characteristics, such as fingerprint, retina, iris, palm, speech, and voice, among others.

This method of authentication has been widely adopted, owing to the key advantages it offers, namely its non-repudiation, non-transferable, and non-identifiable nature, thus providing a high level of protection against fraud.

The technology found successful implementation across various end users, such as forensics, governments, banking and financial institutions, and enterprise identity management, among others. Moreover, the widespread availability of fingerprint sensors in affordable mobile devices and government national ID programs have been instrumental in increasing the awareness and adoption of this technology.

North America Region to Account for Significant Share

North America is anticipated to hold major share owing to the increasing dependency of organizations on computer networks and electronic data to conduct their daily operations, and growing pools of personal and financial information that are also transferred and stored online. This tendency toward the adoption of online services for daily transactions has increased the need for advanced authentication services in the country.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it was estimated that USD 16.9 billion was stolen from 16.5 million US consumers in 2017 (compared with USD 16.3 billion and 15.2 million in 2016) through identity thefts and fraud.

Advanced Authentication Market in the Financial Service Industry Size Outlook, Share and Growth and Forecast Assumptions 2022-2031
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