AAW Infrastructure Partners L3C and Zoom Ride Announce a, Carbon-Neutral, EV and Mobility Initiative for Cities

AAW and ZOOM are combining business models to support local businesses, cash-strapped municipalities, transit-challenged residents, and reducing CO2 emissions.

ROYAL OAK, MI, US, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — AAW Infrastructure Partners L3C (evPons.com) and Zoom Ride (Dearborn, MI) announce a new initiative to help struggling small businesses, advance electrification, reduce carbon emissions and improve regional transit

To help kick off this initiative, Zoom Ride is currently offering riders $100 in free ride credits, with promo code ZOOM100, and AAW is offering program participating city’s businesses 6 months of free digital marketing.

How it Works/Goals— Without raising taxes or increasing utility rates, this 100%, carbon-neutral, EV-Mobility and Economic Stimulus Program, provides municipalities with: 1) A new means of supporting their local businesses; 2) The ability to purchase EVs at the same price as gas-powered vehicles; 3) No-cost EV charging stations; 4) Carbon-neutral charging and; 5) A plan of action to use the fuel savings of fleet EVs to subsidize carbon-off-set Zoom Ride trips for transportation-challenged residents.

Mayor John B. O’Reilly and the City of Dearborn, has successfully launched AAW’s EV-Mobility and Economic Stimulus Program– “This innovative program is structured to provide us the money to buy electric vehicles, which cost more than traditional gas-powered vehicles. The funds we receive from the program will mean that we can promote energy-efficiency in our fleet, but without any additional cost to our taxpayers,” said Mayor O’Reilly. “It is in line with our commitment to sustainability.” Mayor O’Reilly also stated, “In the long run, we should save money operating electric vehicles, and that money can be added to AAW program donations to subsidize mobility on demand rides.”

Bilal Hashwi, Chairman/Co-Founder, Zoom Ride, Dearborn MI— “We are inspired and look forward to working with AAW to assist and support local businesses and our communities with becoming more environmentally conscious, while also providing Michigan residents with safe and essential transportation options.”

Thomas A Wither, AAW Founding Member and CEO— “Zoom Ride has developed an extremely safe, industry-leading, ride-sharing service. We are excited about partnering with them to provide secure and reliable transportation for our transit-challenged residents and finally improving regional transportation in S.E. Michigan”.


AAW Infrastructure Partners L3C— (AAW) is a Royal Oak based, Low Profit, Limited Liability Corporation, arranged as a Social Enterprise for the beneficial purpose of raising donated funding for community-benefitting projects. Our funding innovation utilizes shared revenue from the sales of city-supported, ‘democratized’ evPons.com™ (digital coupons).

Our goal is to use our ‘hybrid’ digital platform to redirect 2% of the $77 billion brands spend, yearly, on local digital marketing and redirect 2% of the $23 billion corporations spend, yearly, on sponsorships to help approximately 1,400 cash-strapped U.S. cities ‘painlessly’ transition to fleet EVs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve mobility. For a quick overview, please view this (1) minute Fox TV 2 News YouTube video of the Dearborn MI launch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_T7V0LYgrI&feature=youtu.be

Zoom Ride– Founded in Dearborn, Zoom Ride began providing rideshare services across southeast Michigan in September 2020.

With a strong focus on providing riders and drivers with the safest rides possible, Zoom Ride offers numerous unique safety features such as SOS-alert live video/audio streaming and driver safety monitoring. Zoom Ride’s Covid-19 safety precautions include free masks for drivers and riders, vehicle safety barriers and UVC vehicle sanitizing lights. You may view the FOX 2 TV News about Zoom Ride’s launch at https://www.fox2detroit.com/video/858404


Thomas A. Wither
Founding Member and CEO
AAW Infrastructure Partners, L3C

Infrastructure Partners, L3C, is a social enterprise, funding sustainable electrification / mobility and stimulating local economies with digital marketing, sponsorship and grant opportunities

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Thomas Wither
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