A Taiwanese Tropical Whisky OMAR Defies Your Imagination

Omar single malt whisky

Omar single malt whisky

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation’s (TTL) Nantou distillery proudly introduces OMAR single malt whisky to global whisky fans. This Taiwanese whisky is made from Scottish selected barleys and purest water coming from high mountains. The experienced brewers comply with traditional brewing techniques and innovative finishing skills, intending to make OMAR as an unmissable whisky brand with distinctive Taiwanese features, breaking the definition of Time.

Nantou distillery is located in beautiful central Taiwan, thus, the hot and humid climate speeds up the maturation by almost 75% compared to traditional Scotch whisky. With its natural amber color, richly layered aromas and flavors, OMAR has been awarded for numerous medals in various international spirit competitions, such as ISC, SFWSC, MMA, IWSC, WWA and CMB since 2014. Taking advantage of Taiwan’s unique terroir to develop its distinguished features, OMAR whisky has already been exported to EU, USA, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and ASEAN countries.

Taiwan is world-famous for fruit diversity and TTL capitalizes on that advantage by introducing a variety of fruit wines into its product line. The whiskies finished in a fruit-wine barrel distinctively represent Taiwanese terroir and highlights the creativity of the Nantou distillery. The idea of infusing the taste of local grown fruits into whisky is making a big hit in the whisky market and the tropical fruity aroma wins the heart of whisky lovers world-wide.

About Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL)
As the largest tobacco and liquor company in Taiwan, TTL has created popular products like Taiwan fruit beer and single malt whisky that have been exported to the global market. And famous for its tropical fruity flavor and advocated by whisky lovers, it has been receiving awards in many international spirit competitions since 2014. The company has also diversified its products category based on its strength in brewing, for example, cosmetic products with sake lees extract.

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Warning: Driving after drinking is prohibited. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.


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